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"You can't sell anything, If you can't tell anything." - Beth Comstock.

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What is Marketing Automation?

How can it help promote your business?

Marketing Automation basically refers to using a software to automate marketing tasks. Most forms of digital marketing, tend to automate repetitive marketing activities. Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and even Content Marketing all use Marketing Automation for posting and sharing information, not just for the sake of efficiency, but so that companies can provide a more customised and personalised experience for their customers.

With the advent of this technology, marketing task has been transformed to be so much easier. Marketing Automation allows you to develop prospective customers, with highly personalised and informative content, it helps you to convert prospects to delighted and faithful customers all together. Say if there is an email, or a post which needs to be sent to the customer ‘after 3 days’, but it is a holiday week and you wont be able to send it by then. This is where Marketing Automation comes into play, and the technology will do the needful while you are on your holiday. Isn’t it Convenient?

Personalised Messages

You have an option to target your customers based on their activities on your website and define goals for them.

Powerful Showcase

Since you can personalise your content, you can create a dynamic series of campaigns based on consumer behavior.

Decide Your Timing

You can also plan and decide the exact time when the messages you have formulated should be sent to the customers.

Cost effective

Marketing Automation reduces the cost of hiring staffs and also reduces their work load in performing repetitive marketing activities. 

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