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"Traditional Marketing talks at people.
Content Marketing talks with them."- Brian Clark

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What is Content Marketing?

As its in the name itself, Content Marketing is a way of reaching out to customers through written, audio or visual content that is available to read, hear or watch online. However, not just any content can be considered as Content Marketing. Therefore, to clarify further, Content Marketing involves written, audio or visual content spread online across websites or social medias, that not only informs the viewers about your products and services, but also initiates an interest and attracts potential customers to try and get associated with your brand.

It is vital that the content you have posted is informative as well as attractive to viewers in order for Content Marketing to work efficiently. Through Content Marketing, you can spread your content to viewers on a very large scale and all over the world, using the internet. Some examples are through Blogs, social media posts, Podcasts and videos.

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Why do you need Content Marketing?

How can Webtids help you with this?

Content Marketing is more than just a word, it plays an important role in a successful marketing strategy. For obvious reasons, the consumers today ask for informative, relevant, creative and attractive content for any product they want to purchase. If the details of your product or service is vague or irrelevant and uncompelling, you will surely lose out on your customers. 

One of the main catches of having a successful Content Marketing campaign is, it builds online presence. In the digital world, content acts as the fire that draws and directs consumers to visit your website or purchase your products. Hence Content Marketing even helps you to choose the right content with an effort to make your presence felt online. With the right content and adequate knowledge about your consumer behaviour, we can attract more customers to visit your website, read or view more about your products and thus deal with your brand. With the proper channelling, it becomes possible for you to make a pathway for the customers to choose from your listed products and services.

Now, Webtids has a Digital Marketing Team, who can assist you with the content. Whether written, audio or visual, our experts will guide you to get the correct outcome. We will also perform a study for the best platform to broadcast your products and services, and make sure that your brand is recognised by the consumers, nationally or globally.

Build Trust

The more content you create and share with your followers or viewers, the clearer it is for them to understand your products and services. This evokes more trust.

Generate Leads

The power of Content Marketing can lead customers who were not even aware of your brand to do business with you. With proper content you can attract them all.

Build Brand Awareness

Done correctly, Content Marketing can make people aware of your brand and its products. This in turn can help you to generate more leads and can also help convert leads into sales. 

attract Genuine Customers

Mostly, viewers going through your content may not be interested in your services. But with the best content, you can attract ideal customers who really want to buy from you.

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Convert Your Visitors

People don’t like long and boring content. Make your content attractive and informative, and this will help you to convert your website visitors into leads.

Sharing Option

Every social media has the option for users to share a post to others.  If your content has useful information, they will definitely share your post to their friends.

Great For SEO

Make sure you are upto date with the changing keywords and include them in your content. So that when searches are made, your website (with the content) is visible in the top pages.

Reason To Re-visit

In order to make people visit your website regularly, you need to make sure the content in it is creative and attractive. And re-visits can definitely lead to increase in your sales. 

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Webtids you are awesome! Sujak and his co-operative staff has been very helpful in giving my company a breath of fresh air when we needed it most. Thank you webtids your support.

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Webtids you shine..! You have helped me to gain a foothold. Very satisfied with the leads generated. Would like to be associated with Webtids.

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Webtids & Sujak has been a boon for my company. I am very much satisfied with his SEO works as I am getting leads which I thought was impossible. Sujak pays personal attention to all your problems and solves them.

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My company is full liable on you guys so please keep the same energy to support us when ever we need and we will always be with you Webtids.

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Have been associated with Webtids since the last Ten Years. I am totally satisfied with the services provided by Sujak and his Team. I Would highly recommend him to anyone searching for services from Web Site Designing to SEO. I hope to remain associated with Webtids & Sujak for Years to come.

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