Top 10 things to remember for a Travel Website

Top 10 things to remember for a Travel Website

Are you having trouble getting online bookings?

Is your website unable to create online booking ?

Well, there are various ways in which these questions can be answered. The present world is filled with people using their mobile phones for literally everything. And anyone can create a website nowadays, but they fail to meet the objectives of the agency. That's creating bookings. If you don't have a website, then you might be missing out on a lot of things that online marketing has to offer. Lets look at a few things to remember while creating your very own Travel Website.

Straight forward search

Your website viewers can be restless and impatient. Make sure your website doesnt beat around the bush, but has a clear cut view of what you offer and what you deal with and also how much you charge. By using quick searches and quick booking sections, you can avoid this. Note, avoid additional or unexpected charges, and if there is any that may arise, mention it clearly in your quotations.

Easy User Interface


If a visitor finds difficulty in searching for a service on your website, the person will immediately switch to an alternate agency. So, make sure you have a simple and easy to navigate website design. Also, it is very important you have a responsive website, that works in all smart devices to enable a better user experience.

Be Different from others

There are many agencies in your locality, who may be offering the same deals and offers for the same destination. So stand out from them and create a different offer (although for the same destination) and make sure your written content is an eye catching phenomenon.

24X7 Interaction Services

An urge to book can arise anytime, anywhere. And sometimes, the users may not be sure of some services you provide and may need to speak or chat with you. This can be easily solved by way of a 24/7 chat feature. Anytime a customer has a query, they will ping the pop up, and you can get the alert straight through to your mobile phone. For this service you need not beonline all the time, and you can get back to the customer once you receive the alert. But make sure you do respond to the alert.

Customer Feedback Section

One other thing that makes the world of online business go around, is a Review, or feedbacks from previous customers. A study showed that 98% of the people look to check the Agency's review, before making their decision to book a trip or not. You need not have a lot of reviews, just choose few of the best services you have provided, and put it up on your website.

Speed Website Services

The average load time for a website should be within 3-4 seconds. If your Home page doesn't load before that, then your visitors will quit and check for other alternatives. So, you lose out on customers. With the latest technology installed on your website and with the correct codes, you can avoid having a slow running website .

Using Sales Funnel System

There is a process of directing probable customers to visit your website through various channels, considering the customers likes and interests. This process is called sales funnel system. With this, you can target users who you think will make faithful brand customers.

Making Google your friend

Did you know, 90% of searches daily are made through Google. And if you have opted for Search engine optimisation(SEO), the each time a user searches for any service related to your products, your website will come up on the top pages of the search. Not only this, but you can also post ads on some of the websites of google partners.

Using Digital Marketing tools

The world as we know it, has gone digital. Almost every faction of the world's population depends on computers and internet. So in order to come at par with the digital world, the use of various tools of digital marketing is very essential to make sure, you are in the game. And since everyone depends on smart devices nowadays, Digital marketing can take your business to the next level.

Control your Investment

travel booking admin

With the help of an admin dashboard, you will be able to control your marketing actions, create and manage administrative tasks on the website, find out who and how many visited your website and set goals for each visitors. You can even find out which website the visitor came from, so that you can interact with them, or simply place ads around the website.

That brings us to the end of the blog. There might be more than 10 factors that might affect your bookings, and the list might just go on and on. But somehow, we managed to find these 10, and have conducted a survey where we got positive results. More and more people have started using the internet to enhance their business and expand their services. And since dependency on mobiles and smart devices have become almost a pandemic, lets shape ourselves to evolve into the brave new digital world.

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